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How to block your Zenith bank ATM card if stolen or lost



The issue of stolen ATM card in Nigeria has become an everyday occurence. Some banks like Zenith bank has brought about innovations that allow you block your account or card at the comfort of your home.

See below, the various options available to you as a Zenith bank customer, if your card is stolen or lost.


Internet Banking/Mobile banking Option

  • Log into your internet/mobile banking profile
  • Click on the menu bar and select Cards and Cheques
  • Select deactivate card and enter a reason
  • Then click on continue.


Protect Code/Deactivate Account

  • Simply dial *966*911# from any mobile phone.
  • Enter your account number
  • Enter your SMS alert number
  • Then press 1 to continue

After following the protect code option, your account will be blocked instantly. To unblock your account, simply visit any Zenith bank branch.


Email Option

Please note that to achieve prompt result with this option, it is advisable you use your registered email with the bank. That is, the email address you receive email notification on.


Call Option

  • Simply call +234-1-2787000, +234700ZENITHBANK, +234-01- 2781740 or +234-01- 2782273.

So do not allow frauster or thieves gain access to your account, simply embrace any of the above option to block your account or your card, if your card is stolen or misplaced.

Please note that your bank will never request for your PIN, Password, Card details or Token. Kindly ignore any email, SMS or call requesting for those details.


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Banking Tips

The easiest way to log dispense error with gtbank



Guaranty Trust Bank has gone another step further in trying to discongest their banking premises while also ensuring that their customers are satisfied at all time. They have been able to achieve this by dishing out a robust internet banking/mobile banking platform, SMS banking, cardless withdrawal, finger print withdrawal. Also taking the lead as the number one bank in Nigeria to start the USSD banking transactions.

They have gone one step ahead to ensure that their customer log their dispense error complain themselves without necessarily visiting the bank. Although, you can also report your dispense with other banks without visiting the bank but this can only be achieved via your internet banking/mobile banking profile or through their call center

Do you have a dispense error with gtbank, not a challenge, follow the link below to log your error.

See other ways of how to report your dispense error.


Click help centre-how to log a dispense-report dispense error.


Gtbank ATM

(With card)

Insert card-enter PIN-select more services-select log a dispense error

(Without card)

Press any key on the ATM, select Log a Dispense Error and follow the prompts


Internet Banking/Mobile Banking

Log in-Click cards-Dispense



Dial 08039003900, 08029002900, 01-4480000 and press 1 for self service option


Please note that your bank will never request for your PIN, Password, Card details or Token. Kindly ignore any email, SMS or call requesting for those details.



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Banking Tips

How to avoid fraudulent transactions on your account



So many Nigerians have fallen victim to fraudster because of their ignorance. It is worthy to note that your bank will never request for some vital information from you, either through call, SMS or email.

It is very important for you to understand that your personal details like PIN, Card number, CVV, Internet banking User ID, password and Token code are for your personal consumption and are not meant to be shared with anybody including your bankers or account officers. To keep your account safe, please ensure you do not share any of your account details with anyone.

As highlighted above, here are some vital information that can cause loss of funds in your account, if compromised.

  • PIN: This is an abbrevation for Personal Identification Number. This can be your ATM PIN, USSD PIN, Mobile banking PIN etc.
  • Card Number: This refers to the numbers in front of card, whether it be mastercard, visacard or verve.

See example of card details below, the highlighted numbers from 7253 – 1245

  • CVV: This is an abbrevation for Card Verification Value. This is usually a 3 digits number at the back of  your card.

See example of CVV number below:

  • Internet Banking User ID : This refers to your unique number, code or your email, depending on your bank. It is uniquely attached to only you. It can be your account number, phone number, email address, this is usually determined by your bank.
  • Password: This is a secret word, phrase or characters that allow you access to your account.
  • Token: This is a small hardware device that the owner uses to authorize his or her transaction. It is an authentication device that helps in protecting you from internet banking frauds.

See a typical token device below:

Please ignore any call, SMS or email requesting for the above details.


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Banking Tips

How to block your First Bank ATM card if stolen or lost



Your First bank card is stolen or misplaced, no course for alarm. Your bank has made it easy for you to block your card yourself without your physical presence in the bank.

Follow the below step to step process to block your First bank card.


SMS Option

  • Simply  send “BLOCK” to 30012 via the SMS alert number registered with your account.

Please note that the service will only with your registered number with the bank. (The phone number you receive SMS alert on).


Email Option

Also note that this option might not work out if you do not have a registered email with your first bank.


Call Option

  • Simply call Firstcontact on, +234 1 905 2326, +234 708 062 5000, +234 1 448 5500.

To get prompt result with the option, ensure you have your account details by heart.


With the details above, you do not have if your card has been stolen, lost or compromised. Simply follow the step to step to block your card to avoid loss of funds.

Please note that your bank will never request for your PIN, Password, Card details or Token. Kindly ignore any email, SMS or call requesting for those details.

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